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I had heard so much about George Purdy from the people who were there I had seen him at so many … Continue reading George Purdy: The young Dubliner who championed punk, and young Irish bands, in the early years. I am always amazed by how she combines old and new, mod and punk, funk, pop and even a bit of rock. I've seen her pack dancefloors in many clubs, although she seemed to have hit her stride in the Saturday night spot in the … Continue reading Interview: Dublin D.

Jen Healy. Bleak, uncompromising and unpromising. The price for looking even a little bit different is getting your head kicked in. Conform, conform, conform was the motto of the time. Then came the early angry shouts … Continue reading Album of the Year. In the s Paddy McPoland made an impression on the Irish music scene. In many ways, we could be twins — she just came out of the womb a few months earlier than me.

From the start, when we were both on the verge of walking away from the non-profits we were working for, Desiree and I have served as a mutual support system for each other — sometimes she does the crying and sometimes I do. When I get a little lost in my untamed creativity, she keeps my feet on the ground. When she overworks herself or gets stuck in left brain patterns, I send her to the store for coloured markers and tell her to start playing.

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Desiree serves as a consultant and coach to organizations that are dreaming of a better world. The first thing that drew me to Hali Karla was her prayer paintings. In one of the first posts I saw, she was inviting people to send her prayers which she then printed and embedded into a painting. I was struck by this beautiful offering for the way it took prayer to a creative and community-oriented place. Since then, Hali invited me to share my story in her series about artist healers. Cath Duncan has a deep and wise heart and I knew I had found a place of safety with her from the first time I encountered her.

What first bonded Cath and I was our shared stories of baby-loss. When she lost little Juggernaut, I shared with her my own story of losing Matthew and then discovering, in the 12 years since, how much he still has to teach me.

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  • When Cath decided to honour Juggernaut by walking kilometres for the Kidney March, I knew I wanted to walk with her. Together we went through three days of excruciating pain and exhaustion, and that created a bond between us that has grown since. Cath now serves as a grief coach and has co-created a Creative Grief Coaching certification program for people who want to explore the emerging field of grief and creativity.

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    He is part juggler, part artist, part shaman, part poet, and part naturalist. I first encountered him at ALIA where he presented a performance that was a combination of juggling, dancing, and earth-wisdom-sharing. Thomas is the enchanted host of Earthanima where he invites people to listen to the wisdom the animate energies living within our planetary nature. Through performance, short films, digital images, conversations and workshops Earthanima unfolds an expression of wonder and delight integrating the natural wisdom of this living planet with the compassionate heart of our human intelligence.

    I often use the Elementals, a set of imaginative creatures Thomas has found in nature, to inspire the writers of my Creative Writing for Self-Discovery class.

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    Love shines out of her eyes. Sounds pretty wild-hearted to me! My first encounter with Michele was when I took part in the first offering of Teach Now, an online course she teaches along with Jen Louden. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Hiro Boga is the word kindness.

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    She exudes it. She believes that each and every one of us is a sacred gift and that our presence is vital to the wellbeing and evolution of our world. She works with passionate people who are working to create the lives and businesses they truly desire. All of her work is anchored in a very simple, grounded premise: organic business growth flows from deep inner growth and harmony.

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    • The story I read on her face was one of depth and wisdom. Lisa is passionate about passionate living. Through Lifeunity , she offers insights and invitations of how to practice being mindful, compassionate, and present for your mundane matters.


      Jen Louden is exuberant, generous, and wild-hearted. Her books are all about how to create a life of wholeness, based on self-kindness and self-acceptance. She leads retreats, coaches, and encourages women to Savor and Serve. The first things you notice about Ann-Marie are her twinkling eyes and her beautiful, resonant voice. Ann-Marie is a sound practitioner and psychotherapist. Her mission is working with communities and individuals to enable them on their personal journeys toward self-realization and fulfillment.

      As a multi-instrumentalist and improvisational vocalist she is adept at performing on a wide range of instruments, the sitar and harp being unique to her repertoire. She facilitates a wide variety of sound-related, interactive and experiential workshops that invite the inner child out to play. She stops for no one. Do not try to change the path she has chosen. Learn also to love the wind and let it change you.

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      funccalrecura.tk When the general public thinks of Native healers and "physicians", the words "Medicine Man" seems to naturally fall out of their mouths. Guess what? This is another situation where there was no gender bias, and there were just as many Medicine Women as