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It was part of the sign that stood in front of the building identifying the name of the church. It will be given to the Church History Museum as a treasured artifact from the pioneer period of Ghana.


One night at midnight, after many lonely years of struggle, Brother Johnson heard a short-wave news broadcast from England that announced that blacks could now receive the priesthood. He burst into tears of joy, knowing that the Church would now come to Africa. Following his baptism Brother Johnson served as Ghana's first branch president and later served several missions.

Twelve years after his baptism he was ordained a patriarch. Because the bottom of the title page was torn off he did not know what church had published it. As he read the book, he was filled with light and understanding. He said: "I had desires to find God and to receive revelation, but I was never satisfied until I got the Book of Mormon. For over fourteen years he waited, preparing himself and others for baptism.

During this time he frequently visited the mission president and obtained copies of the Book of Mormon and other literature, and I was therefore privileged to know him. Soon after the revelation was announced, I sought out Moses.

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As we embraced I asked him if he had heard about the revelation. He said, "Yes. Does this mean that I can now be baptized? I conducted a baptismal interview that I shall never forget. To every question, I received the same answer: "I have been keeping that commandment for fourteen years. I was deeply humbled in the presence of this great pioneer.

His son, who as a boy accompanied Moses in his ministry, later served as Moses' Bishop in the Soweto ward, near Johannesburg. In more recent years the Church has been established in Kenya. Julius Kasue became one of the early converts after receiving a copy of the Book of Mormon from a Latter-day Saint expatriate. In a few days, after having read half of the book, Julius returned to his friend with a full page of questions.

His first question was: "How did Alma get his authority to baptize at the Waters of Mormon? Soon after Julius was baptized he returned to his isolated village of Chyulu, where he shared the gospel with others. He built a small meeting place out of palm branches and organized a group who worshiped together. At his request missionaries came to teach eight individuals but 75 showed up for the discussions.

Forty people were baptized and a branch was organized with Brother Kasue sustained as branch president. Soon he informed the mission president that others were ready for baptism, including two men who rode their bicycles two hours to attend church each week. Concerned that the branch was too isolated, approval was given for only the two men and their families to be baptized. To provide for the baptism a corrugated steel tank was hauled by truck from Nairobi to Chyulu, an arduous journey that took four hours.

Because of a severe drought, most of a day was spent pumping and hauling water four miles over a rocky trail. To raise the water level further ten brethren knelt around the inside edge of the tank so each candidate could be immersed. When 40 jubilant converts showed up for baptism the mission president learned that nearly every one in a village is considered family.

The Chyulu branch was soon divided, a district was organized and a chapel was built. Brown prophetically told Elder Mabey: "I think you are on the frontier of one of the greatest historical events in Church history as far as growth is concerned. During the first 22 years after the revelation it exploded to, This is especially impressive when we consider that most Africans have to walk a considerable distance to their meetings.

Another factor that brings strength to the Church in Africa is strong priesthood leadership. Africa is the only area of the Church where there are more male members that sisters. May I share one example of priesthood strength in Africa?

Hudson Taylor | Christian History | Christianity Today

About two years ago I hosted a former minister of Finance from Ghana who visited Utah. He had served for eight years and is recognized world wide for lifting the economy of this poor African nation. While meeting with a member of the Twelve he shared a remarkable discovery he made during this visit.

He said that when he became the Minister of Finance he was convinced that in order to improve Ghana's economy, corruption must be eliminated within the government. He began quietly observing and testing government employees to see who would not take a bribe or be dishonest. He found only two that he could fully trust and he elevated them to key government positions. Then he said, "I did not know until coming to Utah on this trip that those two men are members of your church.

The Missionarys Little Book of Inspirational Stories download pdf

Hinckley has said that the strength of the Church is not in our numbers, our buildings, nor in the amount of tithes and offerings, but our strength is in the testimony that burns in the heart of each member. It has been my privilege to hear hundreds of testimonies from African converts. I conclude with one. It was spoken by a nine year old boy in a fast and testimony meeting in Aba, Nigeria two weeks after he was baptized. This was his message: "Good morning Brothers and Sisters. I am happy to bear my testimony because I was baptized on conference day. Now that I am baptized, I promise to continue obeying God's commandments.

I testify that The Church of Jesus Christ is true. I testify that the Prophet Ezra Taft Benson is true. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I say all these things in Jesus' name. When Brother Jude Inmpey, an early pioneer from Nigeria, was called on to share his feeling about the gospel coming to black Africa, he related a dream he had not understood until that very moment. He dreamed that he was the only black person in a large gathering of white members and an organ was playing background music. It sounded terrible and people were complaining.

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Then someone discovered that the organist was playing only on the white keys. Brother Inmpey observed: "For many, many years the Church has been playing only on the white keys, but now we are playing on the white and the black keys, and the music is much, much sweeter. President Hinckley witnessed the sweetness of this music in when he became the first President of the Church to visit black Africa.

A member of the Twelve observed that not only did the Prophet have a great impact on the Saints in Africa, but the Saints in Africa also had a great impact on the Prophet. During a conference in Ghana President Hinckley announced that a temple would be built in their land.

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This prompted immediate and spontaneous applause. Although this was an unusual response for such a solemn setting, it was their natural reaction in expressing their indescribable joy and immense gratitude.

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For many years hundreds of African Saints have carried current temple recommends, yet While in Africa, President Hinckley compared Peter's revelation, that opened the door for the gospel to go to the Gentiles nearly years ago, to the revelation on the priesthood allowing the gospel to go to black Africa. He quoted Peter's statement to Cornelius: "God is no respecter of persons. But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him. I've had that testimony reconfirmed in my heart on this trip as I have met with you and many others, that all are alike unto God.

We are all of a great family, a marvelous family of the living Christ, worshiping Him together. I was there. I was an eyewitness to it in the House of the Lord. How grateful we are. He said: "Churches can employ young people to run positive activities in the communities.

Consisting of Worship and Teaching, our gatherings typically last 90 minutes and start at a, a, and a on Saturday mornings. Many people responded, used the list as a springboard of ideas for their own blogs, and covered over a third of the content I suggested. The Ellen G.

In partnership with Adventist Giving, you can securely use the link below to contribute to the Lancaster Adventist Church as well as specific ministries and projects for the larger church. AY Honors are a core portion of the overall Pathfinder curriculum. From the essays submitted, six winners were selected for printing in this issue. This year it will be on 26th October They are one of Adventism's "front line" evangelism tools used to pull in interested Christians and then, when the person is "hooked" on the product, they take them to the next step and begin introducing the Adventist lifestyle, Bible studies, and using the money they receive for their products to fund Adventist missions.

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If you do not have these books, check your church or Adventist school library. This is an intensive program that equips pastors, church administrators, and members with strategies and professional skills to successfully lead. Small Group Bible Study. Welcome to Sligo Seventh-Day Adventist Church where we are a multi-ethnic, family oriented, loving congregation who strives to glorify God in everything we do!

The need is for youth, and the young at heart, to respond to the call to share the good news of the gospel with those who need to hear it. Members range in age 14 and up. The club has its own uniform and awards, insignia, and class curriculum. These spiritually enthralling stories, re-enacted with music and lively sound effects, leave impressions of lasting beauty and wonder, putting the listener in the Red Sea at the crossing, beside David as he confronts Goliath, with Mary and Joseph in the stable, and there. Youth Leader AYS is the action and fellowship organization for senior youth in the local church.

Adventist Youth Activities. With a focus on personal attention to every child, Adventist schools provide a nurturing and caring learning environment where Christian values are upheld.