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The cost reduction piece would primarily come from government price controls on the healthcare treatments and services that we all consume.

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In spite of the very serious flaws of all single-payer proposals, the popularity of the idea appears to be increasing. Medicare Choice would be optional, yes, but unlike Medicare Advantage, there would be no choice in plan. The plan also promises to allow employers to opt into Medicare Extra or continue to sponsor different coverage.

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Again, the language — and idea — of greater choice and competition is bastardized here: With subsidies and other favorable treatment, a public option would unfairly out-compete private options. When Harry Truman proposed a universal-insurance plan, after the election, the A. The A.

Ronald Reagan speaks out on Socialized Medicine - Audio

Doctors have typically framed their opposition to reform in terms of the need to protect the doctor-patient relationship from outside interference. But many doctors have also fought reform because it runs counter to their financial interests. As an A.

A Canadian Perspective of Socialized Medicine

Doctors opposed universal health insurance in part because they feared that government involvement would drive down fees, and they tried to stop Medicare for the same reason. They are now more likely to be in the top one per cent of earners than members of any other industry.

As previously mentioned, the three key indicators to consider in evaluating a health-care system are universality, affordability, and quality.

The Canadian model offers universality, affordability, and the illusion of quality. But an illusion is all it is: The more closely you look, the worse the quality of Canadian health care appears. Article Browser Whither Anti-Communism?

The Specter of Socialized Medicine

More articles. Previous articles. Speaking of which … … When it comes to the final metric, quality of care, Canada lags behind most other developed Western nations. Universal Suffering As previously mentioned, the three key indicators to consider in evaluating a health-care system are universality, affordability, and quality. Most Popular. By John McCormack.

The Drawbacks Of Single-Payer Healthcare

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