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Recipe Rating. What a lovely simple recipe! Hi Susan! You can definitely do that but as I had mentioned, I find that bars work better than chips. Good luck! Thank you! They are really good! Definitely my go-to brand for sure. I hope you get lots of good use out of your new baking tools! Happy New Year! Can you add pecans to the fudge?

If so, where would you add them. The recipe sounds easy and delicious! Hi Rose! Yes you can definitely add nuts and I honestly think you could do that at any point in the recipe. Good luck and I hope you enjoy! So easy and fast. I used white chocolate added maple flavoring and walnuts. This Recipe sound so easy to make. I just want to know if a person is lactose, and want.

Please let me know of Substitutions. Hopefully this is helpful! I made as directed for microwave oven, but after 1 hour in the fridge the bars are very soft still. Did I do something wrong? But taste delicious! Hey DonnaLynn, so sorry to hear you had trouble. The fudge should already be thick and glossy before it goes into the pan. Once it hits the right temperature you should notice an immediate change.

This one is sooooooooooooooooooo easy and rich and creamy and freezes awesomely! After 2 hours at room temperature I tried putting it in the fridge for several hours, but it remained gooey. You really need to cook the fudge until you see it becoming stiff and shiny. If you put it into the pan before then, it will not set up properly. It can take anywhere from 2 minutes on up, depending how high the flame is on your stove.

Fantastic Fudges and How to Make Them

After 2 hours of sitting at room temperature, the fudge is still soft. Should i put it in the fridge to help it set? So easy and soo delicious. I made it with walnuts. Do you have an easy recipe for p-nut butter fudge? Thats my favorite. My brother used to make me a batch for Christmas every year. It was so good.

I have the recipe bit doesnt come out like it did when he made it. I found him dead in his garage 7 yrs ago.. Stay tuned! Hey Julie- so sorry to hear you had difficulty with the recipe.

My Mom’s Fudge

I would not recommend using unsweetened chocolate for this recipe. It will not be sweet enough. Hope you have better luck next time! Prep Time. Cook Time. Cooling Time. Total Time. Course: Dessert. Cuisine: American. Keyword: fudge, fudge ingredients, fudge recipe, how to make fudge. Calories : kcal. US Customary - Metric.

SECRETS to the best-ever FUDGE!

Lightly mist a 9x9-inch pan with non-stick spray, and line it with parchment. Place the chocolate, condensed milk, and salt in a large bowl over very low heat. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Transfer the fudge to the prepared pan, smoothing it into an even layer. Allow it to cool and set about 1 hour , before cutting into 25 squares. Recipe Video. Recipe Notes. Nutrition Facts. Calories Calories from Fat Vitamin C 0.

Iron 0. The sky is the limit. And yourself. Never forget to deliver fudge to yourself. In a large heavy saucepan, combine the milk, sugar, and marshmallows and insert a candy thermometer into the mixture.

How to make the perfect fudge

Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently constantly at the end until the temperature reaches degrees. After you spray the pan, combine the butter, chocolate chips, and vanilla in a large glass or metal bowl or the bowl of your stand mixer. When the marshmallow mixture is cooked, pour it over the chocolate chip mixture. Beat the mixture with a hand-held electric mixer, your stand mixer, or a hand-held whisk on low speed until the mixture is well-combined, smooth, and just starting to lose its sheen. Pour it into the prepared pan.

Make sure to check out the fun giveaway on The Scoop as well! Love the pictures of your babies at WDW too.

The Best White Chocolate Caramel Swirled Fudge Recipe

So cute. I eat it with a spoon- right out of the jar. Yes, marshmallows can be an ingredient in fudge.

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