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Keagan ignores the school breakfast on offer and is so hungry by lunchtime that Dreier picks through the dregs of her freezer in hopes of filling him and his little sister up. She shakes the last seven chicken nuggets onto a battered baking sheet, adds the remnants of a bag of Tater Tots and a couple of hot dogs from the fridge, and slides it all into the oven. They have to eat first. On this particular afternoon Dreier is worried about the family van, which is on the brink of repossession.

She and Jim need to open a new bank account so they can make automatic payments instead of scrambling to pay in cash. But that will happen only if Jim finishes work early. Running the errand would mean forgoing overtime pay that could go for groceries. Bills go unpaid because, when push comes to shove, food wins out.


The image of hunger in America today differs markedly from Depression-era images of the gaunt-faced unemployed scavenging for food on urban streets. In the United States more than half of hungry households are white, and two-thirds of those with children have at least one working adult—typically in a full-time job. With this new image comes a new lexicon: In the U.

By whatever name, the number of people going hungry has grown dramatically in the U. Privately run programs like food pantries and soup kitchens have mushroomed too. In there were a few hundred emergency food programs across the country; today there are 50, Finding food has become a central worry for millions of Americans. One in six reports running out of food at least once a year. In many European countries, by contrast, the number is closer to one in To witness hunger in America today is to enter a twilight zone where refrigerators are so frequently bare of all but mustard and ketchup that it provokes no remark, inspires no embarrassment.

Here dinners are cooked using macaroni-and-cheese mixes and other processed ingredients from food pantries, and fresh fruits and vegetables are eaten only in the first days after the SNAP payment arrives. Here pocketing food from work and skipping meals to make food stretch are so common that such practices barely register as a way of coping with hunger and are simply a way of life. SNAP recipients typically run through their monthly allotment in three weeks, then turn to food pantries. Who qualifies for SNAP?

Households with gross incomes no more than percent of the poverty rate. As the face of hunger has changed, so has its address. The suburbs are the home of the American dream, but they are also a place where poverty is on the rise. As urban housing has gotten more expensive, the working poor have been pushed out. Today hunger in the suburbs is growing faster than in cities, having more than doubled since They drive cars, which are a necessity, not a luxury, here. The program lifts many families out of hardship, but it is inadequate for others.

Hungry people here trade their food stamps to pay for rent or gas and sometimes drugs, at a rate of 60 cents on the dollar.

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She also uses the cash to buy diapers and pay her mom to raise her son. Recipients of food stamps are not scamming taxpaying Americans. An acquaintance with addiction problems pays taxes into Snap at a higher rate than a lot of people, relative to her income as a low-wage hospitality worker.

Wage theft causes hundreds of thousands of employees to fall below the poverty line and into the food stamp program. Forced to work hour shifts without any breaks to eat, these underpaid workers get by on cheap candy bars and energy drinks as lawmakers then call them irresponsible for purchasing on their benefit cards. These workers are considered the lucky ones in areas with nonexistent jobs. And problems beget other problems when a person lives without a steady income. Gas money runs out, car insurance expires, cars break down, and rides from friends and relatives become scarce.

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Machine Planet is 60 years old, tall and trim. The semiretired marketing executive worked at several well-known Silicon Valley companies. He scored well, he said, with big short bets against Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros. I mean, Steve Jobs, all his lieutenants became pretty well known. I put Tesla on my background list. In April , laid up after surgery, he listened to a lively conversation about the short case on the irreverent financial markets podcast Quoth the Raven. I got sucked in completely over the next two months. He had nothing against Musk at the time.

I was impressed as anybody else. They found what seemed like hundreds or thousands of Model 3s being trucked into a lot through a gate and behind fences. Photos tonight. One man started sending a drone over automobile auction houses, posting videos of Teslas stored there.

A loosely formed Shorty Ground Force began posting pictures of Teslas stored for weeks on lots across the country. Crow Point Partners, an investment firm with a short position in Tesla, periodically posted pictures of Model 3s parked in Norwood, Mass. The snow recently melted, but most of the cars are still there, the firm contends. In an age of social media Photoshop fakes, it pays to be leery about anything that appears on Twitter or elsewhere online. A reporter roamed a public parking lot outside the Crunch Gym in Burbank, where more than Teslas sat.

The vehicle identification numbers showed that many were manufactured in Machine Planet has created a website called Crowdsourced Tesla Research at tslaq.

He backs up his assertion with data from IHS Markit, a market research firm, as reported recently in the New York Times : Tesla said it delivered , cars in Most were in the United States. But IHS said only , were registered nationwide. The shorts say distorted sales claims fit with a long list of hyperbolic and misleading Musk statements:.

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The company has yet to achieve a steady rate of half that number. Or his solar tile demonstration, a product that was supposed to revolutionize the residential solar market by embedding solar panels into the roof itself. Justice is important too. Twitter: russ1mitchell. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms.