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E persino le zecche, nel loro piccolo However researchers in the United States are now attempting to assess just how smart canines are. Now we're discovering that trained dogs can work as effective diagnosticians, too, sniffing out early- and late-term cancers, Type 1 diabetes, and malaria. Increasingly, research also finds that just owning a companion dog can have positive health benefits. In fact, in the not-so-distant future, dogs may change the way we approach health care. Reddit community members posted thousands of questions and you can read through the lively discussion threads. But how much do we actually know about our furry buddies and what is going on inside their heads?

Those characteristics are all part of canine cognition, a growing field of research conducted by leading dog psychologists yes, really who actively examine why our furry friends behave the way they do. You can learn more about things like how pups learn and what it actually means when they yawn.

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Studies have shown that a pup's yawn can sometimes be a sign of stress, but it may actually be a sign of empathy too. Brian Hare, a cognitive neuroscientist at Duke University and a leading expert on dog intelligence. You can find out through a series of tests called Dognition. Or did wolves start tagging along with people of their own volition, effectively taming themselves?

They were even happy to pay for the privilege, providing an unorthodox source of funding for the research. On Wednesday, two years into watching dogs across the globe play fetch, co-founder Dr. Brian Hare and team released their first scientific paper. Here we evaluate the quality of the first data on dog cognition collected by citizen scientists using the Dognition.

Should Trainers Tell Dogs When Their Behavior Is Wrong? | Psychology Today

Some communicate well, others have better memories, and still others are better at taking their owner's perspective, the Duke University study found. All you need is a little space at home, a few household items, an internet connection, and of course, your best friend. The Dognition Assessment uses 20 games to determine a dog's level of empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning.

Hare created Dognition, an online tool that anybody can use to find out about the different types of intelligence their dog is using to be the genius that it is. Some dogs are amazing communicators, some dogs are incredibly bonded and empathic with their owners, some are even capable of complicated reasoning skills and others have an amazing memory.

Smart Trainers: Brilliant Dogs

Finding out the process by which your dog learns is the first step in discovering how intelligent he or she is. Your furry friend is hungry and seems to know that this is the hour you usually feed her. If he has a special bond with his pup, why not get him something that he can share with his child of the canine persuasion? Sure sounds better than power tools that will just gather dust in the garage! Would she be a charmer, a rocket scientist or a bumbling, tail-chasing dolt? Last year, he started Dognition, a web-based testing service. But now you can thanks to a website called Dognition.

Probably not. But he did feel awful that his owner was disappointed in him. We're all guilty of humanizing our pets -- especially when it comes to their behavior and motivations.

But that doesn't mean you can't use some real science to measure the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of your beloved pooch. But Louie is a bit of a stranger. Have you ever wondered why your pet runs round in circles, or barks at random things? It could be all down to their personality type. Remarkably, some scientists believe that dogs might have developed unique cognitive skills to understand what we humans are thinking.

But when it comes to how your dog learns, that's an entirely different animal.

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A small North Carolina web-based company is out to help you get to know your dog and how he or she thinks by playing "games" you can do at home. There is a new way to find out. Hare is also the chief scientific officer at Dognition…". According to researchers, they are one of the few species that can express empathy, and thanks to Dr. Dognition was founded a few months ago, employs about 25 people, and fills hip office space in converted tobacco factory. Dognition is giving proud pet owners the chance to figure it out. Brian Hare is an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University in North Carolina and a member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, which is a division of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences.

His research has consistently received international media coverage over the last decade and has been featured in many prominent publications, radio and television programs and multiple documentaries.

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Hare is frequently invited to give lectures about his research on dog intelligence. He is founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center that is dedicated to the study of dog psychology and co-founder of Dognition dognition. I was anxious to get my hands on this book and was looking forward to learning about the latest studies on dog cognition. Brian Hare, an associate professor at Duke, found his research constrained by the number of dogs he can study. Now he hopes to expand his research geometrically, with the help of dog owners around the world. Hare hopes, supply him and his colleagues with scientific data on tens of thousands of dogs.

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  • They sniff out bombs, find people buried in avalanches and guide blind people across the street. Now another type of work is aiding humans. Comfort dogs come to the emotional rescue of people suffering in the aftermath of disasters or battling the difficulties of daily life. Their job has taken them to Newtown, Conn. A panel of experts joins Diane to talk about the differences between service dogs and therapy dogs, companion dogs, assistance dogs and all other working dogs.

    They discuss how to determine the best dog for a job, how they are trained and the benefits for both the human and canine species. Brian Hare is an associate professor at Duke University and the dog whisperer behind Dognition, an online assessment that tells you about the brain behind the bark.

    There has really been a revolution in the understanding of animal cognition. The metrics generated by those experiments are being fed into a research project that could for the first time determine how the cognitive traits of various breeds differ. I got to hide and visit, it was amazing to see. I never believed he'd get him on the subway but he did and with ease!!! I didn't expect my dog to be fully fearless in 5 weeks, I knew it was going to take me doing my part, getting him less fearful and we continue to work on it.

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