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It is important to know what we are throwing away. The waste we put into a landfill affects the leachate and landfill gas made by that landfill. A breakdown of our waste composition lets us see whether we are using renewable or recyclable resources well.

Less than 9% of residential waste in Chicago is recycled.

Different types of surveys have been carried out in and The rubbish bin shows an estimate of the average waste composition in our region from a survey. The survey found that composition of waste varies significantly between communities. For example, the majority of waste going to landfills in Hauraki district was organic.

In Hamilton, Waikato and Thames Coromandel districts, paper made up a greater proportion of the waste than in other districts. If organic material was composted and paper, construction and demolition waste was reused or recycled, waste volumes could easily be halved. It is difficult to estimate the total amount of waste produced and disposed of in the region. This is because:. A survey of the city and six district council areas measured about , tonnes of waste dumped. Of this, 90, tonnes went to the Horotiu landfill, which at that time received waste from Hamilton, Te Awamutu and the Thames-Coromandel district.

A survey of district councils in indicated that the amount of household waste generated per person may have increased slightly to kg. People told us that they are doing a range of activities that help the environment. Below are the activities that people are doing that help reduce waste:.

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In addition, 79 per cent said they would recycle more if there were convenient recycling facilities available and 72 per cent would dispose of things properly if they knew where to take them. In the future the amount of waste needing disposal in the Waikato region is likely to increase, due to:. Waikato Regional Council has limited functions in terms of waste management.

District and city councils have primary responsibility for waste minimisation and management.

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The strategy sets out how Waikato Regional Council can help the city and district councils and local communities achieve their waste minimisation goals. What we throw away. A list of common household items you can recycle is below. Junk Mail and Cards You can recycle most of the mail that comes into your home.

Make it easy by placing a small recycling bin next to the door you use to retrieve your mail. This helps you remember to recycle junk mail as you walk back inside. Even better, make the effort to go paperless at home. Look for oversized recycling bins located outside of some schools and churches. Many organizations put these bins outside their buildings to raise money. Parents drop off their paper recycling, and the school sells the paper to a recycling facility. The paper gets recycled, and the school or church receives some badly needed funds.

The Top 20 Things We Throw Away (That We Shouldn’t)

Most of these recycling bins are dumpsters painted bright yellow or green. Books Donate or sell any books that you no longer read. You can also recycle books that have been destroyed. Also, some recycling services do not recycle cross-cut shredded paper that is cut too small to make new paper.

If you compost, you can add shredded paper to your compost pile. I do vermicomposting at my house, which means I compost food scraps using worms. I put shredded paper into my vermicompost bins; the worms break it down in just a few short weeks, and in return I get rich, nutritious and free compost for my home garden. Vermicomposting reduces food waste , so if you toss a lot of food out each week, you might want to consider this recycling option.

Ink Cartridges Most printer ink cartridges contain toxic materials that should not go in the trash. Major business supply stores, including Staples and Best Buy , will take your old ink cartridges for recycling. You can also receive a discount off the purchase of a new ink cartridge when you bring your old cartridge to some office supply stores.

Recycle these items instead. Most plastic cups and plates can go in the recycle bin, and you can compost paper plates. You can also shred them, and put them underneath your mulch, around the base of your plants and flowers. Paper plates break down after several weeks, and help retain moisture and provide nutrients for your plants. This saved a lot of space in my house.

The good news?

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I recycled all of them. All Best Buy stores have a recycling center near the front doors and accept electronic waste as well. Not recycling these items causes a negative environmental impact.

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The toxic materials in batteries greatly contribute to pollution, especially when they break down in our landfills. Recycling household batteries is easy. Because of this, you cannot dispose of CFL bulbs in your curbside recycling or in the trash. You can also safely dispose of these types of items at a hazardous waste facility.

Most of the time, as these TVs age, they get replaced, and the old TV ends up in the garbage. TVs contain harmful chemicals and ingredients.

5 Benefits Of Recycling Your Household Trash | Environmental Professionals Network

Best Buy recycles appliances, including TVs. Before dropping off your TV, contact the Best Buy store to receive specific instructions about recycling your television. You can also search Earth Avoid shady recyclers. They sell your electronics to recycling companies, who ship the electronics to third world countries for dismantling and disposal.

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For more information on how to safely recycle your electronics, see our article on Electronic Waste Recycling and Disposal. Power Cords Do you have a drawer full of old chargers and power cords? Most people do, because we regularly upgrade our cameras and cell phones. Like any electronic device, these items should never be thrown away.

Search Earth If you find it difficult to recycle, turn recycling into a game. Pit yourself against your neighbors, to see who can throw out the least amount of trash. Seeing recycle bins full to the brim with recyclables is a wonderful sight. Are you actively recycling your trash?