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To get people to jump on board and support our team, cause or business, we have to explain the essentials to them effectively and passionately. To conduct happy and rewarding relationships, we have to share our thoughts and feelings comfortably with loved ones. There is no success without the habit of effective communication.

That process is called goal-setting.

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Deciding to set personal improvement goals is an essential first step fo success. Having a habit of moving forward with deliberate and conscious effort and being mindful of improvement along the way is the very foundation of success. Effective goal-setting and goal-getting is the essence of success. Optimistic, joyful people produce more and do more.

Did the success lead to the smile or the smile to the success?

Well a whole book can be written about that one…suffice it to say, if all a person has to smile about is their tangible, daily success, they are anchored to a moving target and are dependent upon outside factors; Not a good thing. Smile easily, frequently, deeply, regardless of daily circumstances! Smiling breeds optimism and optimism breeds success — the real lasting, internal kind of success. So is a life without stillness and pause and rest. Be still long enough to connect to your source. For me that is God. Successful people know how to tune out and get re-energized.

Stillness is the most powerful way to do this. The idea is to tune into your deeper source, not your patterned thoughts and self-centered cares. Breath, deep breath is a habit that is MOST understated and underestimated. Breathing from your diaphragm is breathing to excel. Ask any high performing athlete or performer, they will tell you about the power of breath.


Having a habit of patience allows you to remain present — not in the past, full of anxiety and not in the future, full of worry. Of course there are other characteristics and habits like breathing, self-control, faith, etc. The most successful people are wise people! Taking offense, holding grudges and malice, hurt feelings and taking things personally SAPS your energy.

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A forgiving mindset allows you to release all this baggage and actually, it helps you to not be offended in the first place. And of course, with this habit and mindset of forgiveness, patience, calm, inner peace, joy, stillness, smiling, gratitude, creativity, kindness, productivity, self-discipline…all flow naturally and powerfully. If success is seen as simply a matter of material rewards — then, point taken. BUT I say, even in these cases, this brand of success will be short lived.

Now if you regard true success to be whole and balanced and not self-centered, incorporating all Five Vital Venues of your life , then you will be unable to achieve that quality of success without a habit of benevolence. In this light, success is motivated by a benevolent spirit. With this view of life, we seek success because we want to help others; kindness prevails and permeates all we do.

Passionate Action: 5 Steps to Creating Extraordinary Success in Life and Work by Doug Gray

We are simply benevolence or love in action. Our success is not just about us and our small circle of loved-ones, it is about impacting the world. THAT is true and lasting success. As with the others, they each require a commitment that is lasting and anchored to your plan for your life.

These are the habits people — super successful people — have identified as having the most impact in their lives. Working on these helped them to develop the essential habit of self-discipline, and eventual self-mastery … not just in their business life but in the entire of their life — personal, relationships, community, home life and work life.

These are habits that help you to impact the world and to make the difference you were born to make. So look over this list again and select one or two to focus on over the next 21 days. Julette Millien. This is closely linked to the next habit common among highly successful people… 7 Affirming and Visualizing: We MUST experience our success internally before it can manifest externally.

Is it profitable to pursue your passion and love what you do? The researchers followed this group over a 20 year period. A path the majority of people, like you and I have been educated, instructed and informed to take in our own lives. They were going to pursue what they wanted to do now and worry about the money later.

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The data showed some startling revelations:. Let me ask you, are you doing what you love to do? Whether that is in your personal life or your professional life? I am not asking you to leave your job; close your business down; leave your partner or spouse. I am not saying that your life is going to be honky dory every single day, but if it is not that way the majority of the time, then what are you doing to fix it?

Whether you need to address the roadblocks that are holding you back, taking control of the issues or challenging your current circumstances. Please take a moment to thank about and respond to the following questions. Follow your heart; write down your initial thoughts without prejudgement or in a dismissive way.

Passionate Action: 5 Steps to Creating Extraordinary Success in Life and Work

When my daughter was five she told me that when she grew up she was going to be a hair dresser, work in a clothes shop, be an actress and become a princess. This comment made me question at what moment of time do we lose the ability to use our imagination? To dream passionate dreams? As children we dreamt wonderful dreams, but as time goes by we lose our ability to dream, to even become excited, enthused and energised about our achievements. It all seems too difficult to do.

The lives we live can be draining; they can be series of personal bushfires we have to put out every day. But the question is when are you going to stop and start doing things different?

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If you want things to be different then you must do things differently in your life. We can look outside ourselves but everything that affects you is about you. So if you want to change your circumstances then start to work on yourself. It is about moving from feeling helpless to becoming hopeful. If it is too painful to address, then remember this simple philosophies to becoming an extraordinary person.