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Still baffled? Well the official answer is that Netflix has yet to confirm whether or not they have plans for a follow-up.

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Whereas Bird Box focused on its victims being driven mad by what they could see, Black Mad Wheel is about a group of musicians who have to try and track down the source of a mysterious and debilitating sound. Could that one be turned into a movie too?


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  • To blindfold oneself, simply have players close their eyes and cover them with one hand. Have partners clarify their voices to each other. Mention that voice confusion can lead to accidents.

    Stress that the game is much more fun and fair if you are blindfolded when you are supposed to be. Set Up Place a hula hoop at each corner of your playing area. How to Play One partner is blindfolded; the other partner is the communicator.

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    Start the game after mentioning the rules. Can follow blindfolded partner. Once the blindfolded partner is lead to a pickable item, the communicator will then direct the blindfold partner to pick up the item, bring it to a hula hoop home base , and drop it inside of the hula hoop.

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    After the blindfolded partner drops the pickable item inside the home base, the partners switch roles blindfolded partner now becomes the communicator, communicator becomes the blindfolded partner. When that partner drops another item into a home base, the partners switch roles again.