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Any holiday can easily turn sad.

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With memories of previous years spent with a loved one who left, the chilly temps and gray skies of Christmas time have a way of really bringing out the blues. Dallas alt-country troubadour Ronnie Fauss has long been one of the better yarn spinners around these parts.

After releasing his excellent LP, Too Much Living , he offered up "Little Silver Cross," a pretty, softly melodic tune inspired by a poem about a prostitute visiting her family over the holidays. Kelly Dearmore. Born and raised in Texas, Kelly has loved music since he first heard Waylon Jennings sing the Dukes of Hazzard theme song on television as a sheltered young lad growing up in Lone Star, Texas.

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In themselves, these time-honoured songs epitomise the very essence of Christmas, so what better way is there to embrace the forthcoming festivities than with a specially-selected playlist featuring the best Christmas carols of all time. Carols can be traced back to Latin hymns in fourth-century Rome, but as a widely-accepted form of expression, carol-singing really took off after the Reformation in the 16th Century. The genre then enjoyed a much bigger spike in popularity after Christmas music books were first widely published three centuries later.

Follow the Christmas Carol Classics playlist right now , and scroll down to read our Top 10 best Christmas carols of all time. Northern Irish-born composer William J Kirkpatrick is normally credited as its composer, but the identity of the lyricist is still shrouded in mystery.

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