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The choice is much easier for your children: a truck that is playful and kid-powered! Viking Toys Ecoline Maxi trucks are sustainable, non-toxic and kid-powered, made from sugar canes, a renewable resource. Viking Toys non-toxin, durable and sustainable truck made from sugar canes is perfect for the young worker. This is the truck for the tough job. Drive it anywhere, fill it up and dump it out.

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This truck with timeless design toys spur little boys and girls to use their imagination and develop linear and narrative thinking abilities through role play and storytelling. The tractors timeless design and bright colors spur imaginative play. Ready for the sandbox, playground, backyard, beach, or wherever your little one wants to play.

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  • This durable, non-toxic and sustainable tractor made from sugar cane features a front loader that is great for scooping sand and a trailer to fill up. A non-toxin, durable and sustainable toy truck made from sugar cane is perfect for the young worker. Race to the emergency and save the day with this sustainable, durable and non-toxic fire truck from Viking Toys made from sugur canes.

    Climb the swiveling, extendable ladder to the rescue. Can you get there in time? This eco-friendly fire truck made from sugar cane is perfect for the young fire fighter and promote creative hands-on pretend play for kids ages 1 to 5 years. This durable, non-toxic andsustainable tractor digger from Viking Toys, made from sugar cane features a front loader that is great for scooping sand.

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    A safe and environmentally friendly choice for children years. This sustainable and durable non-toxic shape truck from Viking Toys helps guide children in their recognition of shapes and colors. This baby toy from Viking Toys also develops hand-eye coordination and concentration, while providing hours of rewarding fun putting the shapes in the sorting box.

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    Sustainable toy boats for the young boat lovers! Viking Toys durable and non-toxic tugboats are made from sugar canes and is a perfect choice for sustainable kid powered play. Ahoy, lets sail the seven seas or take a boat trip in the bathtub, the water pool or in the lake. By playing with Mini Boats and Tugboats in soft the children develop their fine motor skills in a playful way.

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    Viking Toys are primaly made for children between years. The core values are high quality and safety. Swedish design since En En De Fr. Viking Toys Ecoline Eco-friendly toys for a healthy environment. Toxic free toys for youngsters. For us, toxic free toys are as obvious as waking up in the morning.

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    Swedish sustainability. Made from sugar cane. Safe, soft, simple, silent, strong and… We are introducing a sixth word to our philosophy!

    Viking Toys put on the climate glasses. We have put on the climate glasses? This means that Viking Toys contributes to safe and fun play for a healthy planet facts from www. Made from renewable resources, sugar canes. Toxin free 7 cm long vehicles. A perfect choice for sustainable kid powered play from 1 year and up. Toxin free 10 cm long vehicles. Toxin free 14 cm long vehicles. Made from renewable resources, sugar cane. Toxin free 21 cm long vehicles.

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    Toxin free 28 cm long vehicles. Toxin free 10 cm and 14 cm long boats. All materials used in the manufacturing of Vikingtoys are BPA-free! I often hear people say that all you need is a bed, a car seat, a baby carrier, baby clothes, and breastmilk. So my advice is this: if you are having a small baby shower, register only for the essentials. But if you are having a larger baby shower, or you have extra generous friends or family members, go for the full baby registry.

    I like registering with Amazon and one other store, just to give my baby shower guests some options. I like to use an infant car seat for the first 6 months, and then switch to the convertible car seat. Some families start with a convertible car seat from the very beginning. I recommend choosing at least one stroller for your registry, if not two. I mostly use a full-size stroller for the first year or so, and then switch to the umbrella stroller because it is lighter and more convenient to use.

    Anything that comes in direct contact with your baby should be gentle and non-toxic.

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    Be sure to visit my eco-friendly guide to diapering your baby , guide to organic cloth diapers , and my list of bath time essentials. For a full list of options, and more info on each of these items, please check out my natural baby care list. For more detail and other product recommendations, be sure to check out my full guide to baby sleepwear.

    For a full guide to non-toxic baby bottles and supplies, check out my guide to baby bottles and accessories. To help set yourself up for breastfeeding success, check out my list of breastfeeding essentials for new moms. Do future you a favor and choose some of those products now, before your baby arrives. Books and baby toys make great baby shower gifts, so be sure to register for ones that you would actually want to receive. I also like to get a handle on parenting styles, and I find that books are a great place to start and hone in on your own preferred style of parenting. This spreadsheet is designed to help you plan and track your entire baby registry!

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    It also helps you keep tabs on your baby product expenses. Enter your email below to download the file and then make your own notes as you go through the product suggestions in the article. Download a FREE copy of my complete baby registry checklist spreadsheet today! Make your baby registry planning process easy with this Excel spreadsheet.

    This checklist also helps you manage your budget and actual spending. Remember, this checklist includes every single thing you might possibly need in the first year or so, and not only what you actually need. If you live in a small apartment in a big city, your checklist will look a lot different than a mom living in a suburb with tons of space in her home. The best way to get advice is in my Non-Toxic Mommies community on Facebook. I haven been working on my registry and trying to keep it low-tox, and this post and many others on your site have been so helpful.

    Thank you for all these resources! Do you have any recommendations for travel changing pads? Something that easily folds up to fit into a diaper bag? I actually received it as a gift off my registry, so I was super happy about that. How do you feel about polyester? Car Seat Toys: To help keep your baby entertained during car rides, I recommend car seat toys that can attach to the car seat.